Welcome to a new path of personal growth and healing!


You have now taken your first steps toward creating a more integrated and fulfilling sense of self through a unique therapeutic relationship. On your spiritual journey I invite you to explore your depths and to discover the inherent powers for healing and transformation awaiting you there. What you will find is unforeseeable. There may be wonders, beauty, and love beyond your imagination! You may experience adversity and periods of darkness. In the end you may discover your own strength, courage and inspiration to meet the world with authenticity, integrity, and playfulness. It would be my honor to be your guide.

“We are the ones we have been waiting for.” --June Jordan

This healing journey undoubtedly looks different for everyone. As your guide, I greet you with an open heart and meet you wherever you are. Together we will illuminate your path. Each traveler and each journey is unique. Understanding these individual differences, I take a holistic and client-centered approach towards mental health therapy and your personal growth. All of you is welcome here.




To help brilliant young adults, who experience feelings of being an outsider, to transition into a healthy and fulfilling adulthood.




I provide individual therapy in Denver, Colorado for a variety of needs including depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), intimate partner and domestic violence/abuse, healing from sexual assault/abuse, identity development, healing attachment wounds, life transitions, stress reduction, trauma resolution, and interpersonal/relational growth and development.  Group therapy can also be a powerful avenue for personal change at a more affordable cost.  More information on groups is provided below.


To set up a free consultation, call (720) 429-3047.  Finding the right therapeutic relationship is integral to your success.





Young Professionals Support Group

A place where young professionals or those new to their fields can get support and work through the "imposter syndrome" that so many of those new to their fields experience, to an integrated identity that includes their career/life paths.



A safe, healing space for Queer and Trans People of Color to come together, share experiences and build community.  This group is currently developing and I welcome your feedback about what needs you would like the group to fulfill.  Thanks in advance for your input!


Dream Group

A life issues support group using dreams to develop insights and understanding into one's life.  Participants keep a dream journal as part of the process and discuss their life narratives as well as current issues in life.


Therapist Support Group

A mindfulness-based support group for direct service providers, so you can do the work you love sustainably!  Here we can address counter transference, burn out and vicarious trauma, as well as personal life issues that tie into and impact our work as counselors.  This supports one's personal development and development as a therapist by making sure your work is clean of projections.